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Ensure your staff are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

Protective Face Shield

Intended to protect the wearer from (human) aerosol generated particles, such as those from a cough. It is not designed to protect the wearer from physical damage or impact.

  • Shield is a high transparency PET to provide both clarity and be light-weight.
  • 3D printed shield separator optimised to provide comfort for the user. A light-weight, filled in cover protects the user from droplet ingress from above.
  • The shield is designed to curve around to provide protection to the sides of the face. This can be folded backwards for more protection if required.
  • Elastic strap to retain the face shield is either tied to or affixed to the pins on each side of the separator.
  • Optional 20mm wide self-adhesive foam strip can be added to the inside area contacting the head. This can be supplied for an additional cost.
  • In order to maximise the number of units per box and to facilitate efficient distribution and storage, the headpieces will be shipped unassembled in boxes, with a pack of PET shields, a pack of elastic straps, and the separators. Some simple assembly will be required.


PPE Regulation 2016/425 with exemption under EU Commission recommendation 2020/423 as adopted by the UK Government. This product is not designed to withstand mechanical impact.

Quality Assurance

All manufacturing processes are controlled and full tracability is our speciality, we ensure all our products abide by strict reulatory standards.

Surgical Mask Grips

Intended to prevent the wearer from developing bruising and sores on the skin around the ears, by alleviating the pressure caused by the elastic strap around the ears.


This device is classified as an accessory and therefore it does not require any regulation.

Quality Assurance

All manufacturing processes are controlled and set out by Additive Solutions International, full tracability is our speciality and your safety is our mission.


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