Stereolithography (SLA)

4 Day Lead Time

Resins are the perfect 3D printing
materials if you are looking for
smooth surfaces, high-quality,
detailed prints with a medium-large
capacity in terms of production

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Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

4 Day Lead Time

FDM is the most widely available 3D
printing process, this technology is
perfect for a vast range of materials
with a wide range of mechanical

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Polyjet produces parts of the highest
dimensional accuracy with very smooth
surface finish, great for multicoloured
prints and prototypes.

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A major problem with traditional manufacturing practices is that they are only efficient if you
needa large quantity of parts to be made. Moulds and machines dedicated to producing
individual parts are a huge investment (costing tens of thousands of dollars) that many small
companies can’t make. Even if you aren’t 3D printing parts to increase the strength or efficiency,
it can still be thebest option for production. If a company only needs a relatively small number
of a parts (around athousand), 3D printing can be cost effective when compared to other
methods of productionManufacturing in low volumes is an ideal solution for managing your
inventory and testing themarket before producing larger quantities, allowing you to mitigate
your risks and allowing Addisolto make you 1,000+ parts fast.

Advantages Of 3D Printing for Batch Production Runs

1. No Set Up Fees – We don’t charge set up fees for your production runs – this means that youcan order as many or as few as you want and not have to worry about breaking even on the set-up costs or mould costs like you do in traditional manufacturing, making 3D printing a viable alternative to injection moulding and the like.

2. Fast Lead Times – Due to the lack of tooling, you don’t have to wait weeks or months for the mould tools to be designed – simply place your order and we’ll put it in the queue. Our current record is producing 5,500 parts in 24 hours.

3. Your Prototype and Final Model Will Be Identical – If you choose to prototype your model with us, you’ll be using exactly the same machines as you would with your production run, so your prototype would be exactly the same as your final model.

Our continuous manufacturing service allows you to have a dedicated off-site manufacturer for your products, no longer do you have to collect and organise your orders prior to finding amanufacturer or hold stock which is just sat there waiting to be bought.

This service enables you to funnel your orders directly into our manufacturing line where they will be processed, manufactured packaged and shipped direct to your customer without you having tob lift a finger. Our management system will notify your customer when their order is being manufactured and dispatched and don’t worry about your branding, we can white label the notifications so that all your customers just see you brand. With this service we not just offer the manufacturing and assembly of your product but also custom packaging.

We can also offer a networked solution whereby our certified manufacturing partners can produce orders that maybe placed within other countries, further reducing lead times and expensive shipping and import tax cost’s. We currentlyhave partners within North America, Canada and Europe. More customers nowadays make green choices when selecting products, why don’t you make the greener choice without the higher price tag, Go Green, Go Addisol.

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