Are you thinking of adopting 3D printing technology in-house but are unsure
of both, its capabilities at scale or even the upskilling of your workforce and
or costly teething issues?

Additive Manufacturing can be seen as a great solution for many reason’s
through low lead times, reduced costs, complex geometry and multi to single
component production through complex geometry. However, some of the
unforeseen drawbacks with additive manufacturing is that of scaling to larger
volume production, repeatability in quality, dimensional accuracy and post
processing efficiency, it is these challenges that have slowed the
adoption of AM into many industrial applications

Our AM Risk Mitigation service is here to help, with this service and your
application our in-house experts will solve these problems for you with a
6,12- or 24-month manufacturing contract where we will show you how to
overcome these problems for your application.

Our AM decision support will help you come to a logical decision on additive
manufacturing and if it is suitable for your business, we provide:
Decision support for Additive Manufacturing adoption
• Design for additive manufacturing support (DfAM)
What AM decision support compromises of:
• Does 3D Printing make sense for my business
• What are the associated costs to AM adoption
• What is the best AM technology for my products/business What DfAM support compromises of:
• Feedback on where the design could be optimized to save time and/or cost
• Design rules/guide for Additive Manufacturing
• Manufacturability analysis We achieve this through or extensive industry knowledge both in AM R&D and industrial implementations.

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