Product design is both an art and a science. It is a combination of improving the aesthetics of aproduct, the functionality, and the performance. It also serves technical purposes such asdocumentation for production, new technologies, or IP purposes. The ultimate outcome for us is to deliver you a product that is superior to your competitors or is better than what is currently available in terms of marketability and performance. Obviously, your product can also be a new invention!

1. Lower Costs – because we understand the manufacturing processes, we lower production costs by streamlining the components or by improving the material choices

2. Visual Appeal – we improve the sale-ability of your product by modernizing its design,and increasing the appeal to your target market by adapting to the latest market trends.

3. Improved Performance – we innovate to make your product easier to use, smaller,faster, stronger, or better. A higher performing product provides an edge over your competitors!

4. New Features – we ask the question ‘what if?’ and deliver the ah-ha moment with new features that will delight your customers.

5. Eco Friendly – we reduce packaging, change materials, and improve manufacturing process to decrease the environmental impact of your product.

6. Product Drawings – we produce 3D drawings and photo realistic renders that can be used as sales tools, or as part of product information kits. Help you better picture your product before production.

7. Technical Drawings – we produce technical drawings and CAD files that are requiredfor prototyping and manufacturing, and when required, for the use of patent applications.

3D scanning services are offered as a fast and accurate way of digitising physical objects for use in design,inspection and visualisation. The use of 3D scanners can be applied to almost any product or structure toaccurately capture the physical shape and dimensions.


3D Scanning is a fast, efficient process used to collect 3D point cloud data for the creation of 3 dimensional models. Using specialist software, the 3D data is then quickly processed into a triangle mesh or STL file.


There are a wide range of applications including 3D Modelling, Animation, comparison to CAD and 3D Printing.Due to the speed, accuracy and high-quality results that 3D Scanning Systems offer; they are now being used.widely as an industry standard.


An ever-growing range of industry sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Industry, Research and Development, Investment Castings, Forensic Archaeology, Sculpture/Arts, Medical, Animation, Film Industry, Tool making, Product Design and Product Development.

We are based in Rochdale, but we can 3D scan your object anywhere in the UK. We use the latest handheld structured light 3D scanning technology, so this enables us to be mobile, cost-effective, fast and responsive to your needs. We also offer a desktop service for smaller items. This also uses structured light technology to capture the same high level of detail.

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