Face Mask Grip x 10


Intended to prevent the wearer from developing bruising and sores on the skin around the ears, by alleviating the pressure caused by the elastic strap around the ears


This device is classified as an accessory and their for it does not require any regulation.

Quality Assurance
All manufacturing processes are controlled and set out by Additive Solutions International registered company no 12570989.

Materials in mask grip
Photocentric transparent resin which has been proven to be skin safe through SATRA Technology testing conducted on the PFS8 product

Conditions of use
Intended use

  • To protect the ears from bruising and sores generated by long use of elasticated face masks, such as the surgical mask.
  • This mask grip is intended as an addition to correct respiratoryprotection.
  • Ensure the mask grip is securely fitted, comfortable and compatible with any other PPE being worn.
  • Please store in a clean and dry environment.Remove/replace the if:
    • Contaminated
    • At the end of the clinical procedure
  • When removing, only handle the headband as this is least likely to be contaminated
  • Cleaning after use is not recommended, and the mask grip should be replaced if contaminated
  • Dispose of used grips as clinical plastic waste


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